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Govt Educators Jobs (BPS 9 , BPS 14 , BPS 16) Sample Paper of NTS Test

Government of The Punjab, Punjab School Education Department Educators Jobs are announced For the Different post of ESE,SESE & SSE  (BPS 9 , BPS 14 , BPS 16) for science & arts.You can apply for this job and submit application forms till the last date as 31st August 2016.You can also free download this Application of For (AEOs) .

Govt Educators Jobs (BPS 9 , BPS 14 , BPS 16) Sample Paper of NTS TestGovt Educators Jobs (BPS 9 , BPS 14 , BPS 16) Sample Paper of NTS Test

In internet explorer, the function key F5 is used to:

A. Close the browser
B. Refresh the browser
C. Go to the history of the browser
D. Minimize the browser
E. Maximize the browser

. In a lecture a teacher should present the students with examples of:

A. foreign cultures
B. familiar daily life experiences
C. imaginary scenarios
D. unfamiliar objects and ideas
E. remote areas

In Testing, ‘Feedback to Students’ refers to:

A. Help students in studies
B. Help students in preparing for examination
C. Let students know about test-pattern
D. Do not let students know about test-result
E. Let students know about test-results

The drooping of leaves and green tender stem due to excessive evaporation is called:

A. Grafting
B. Transpiration
C. Wilting
D. Photosynthesis
E. Pollination

The collision among gas molecules is necessary for their:

A. Diffusion
B. Effusion
C. Liquefaction
D. Solidification
E. Ideal behaviour

The meter installed our homes measure electricity in

a) wkh
b) kwh
c) hkw
d) khw

Quaid-e-Azam died on ________.

A. 11th September 1948
B. 9th September 1948
C. 7th September 1948
D. 2nd September 1948
E. 1st September 1948

Which of the following Pakistani women was appointed as SAARC guided Ambassador for HIV Aids on February 21 2013?

A. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy
B. Malala Yousaf Zai
C. Shereen Mizari
D. Hina Rabbani Khar
E. Firdous Ashiq Awan

Athens is the new name of:

A. Greece
B. Athinai
C. Cyprus
D. Rome
E. Germany

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