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Pakistani Students Scholarships 2018


Pakistani Students Scholarships 2017-18 for Intermediate, matric, Bachelor, Masters degree holders. Pakistani and international institutes offer a variety of scholarships to help students in achieving goals & ambitions. 10th Matric, Inter level Scholarships Pakistan Engineering, Medical, Arts, Science, IT & much more sectors, Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2017/2018 are updated on daily basis online on here, for the convenience of the students. Class, M.Com, BBA, 12th Class, B.Com, D.Com, BA, FA, ICs passed students Scholarships in Pakistan apply online procedure eligibility criteria information get here though.

There are many resources available for students to avail some funding options within Pakistan as well as abroad. This website aims to provide information of all types of scholarships for the hopefuls intending to pursue an education in the home country or abroad.

A scholarship is basically a prize of financial assistance for an aspirant to continue his/her education. To get the benefit of national and international scholarship’s opportunities, browse the relevant category and avail some funding options you could be eligible for. The money given in the form of scholarship is not required to be payback.

The scholarships are presented to the aspirants on the basis of different criteria, which usually reflect the values as well as reasons of the benefactor or initiator of the award.  Have a look on the list of scholarships 2017-2018 & get complete information of application forms, funding details, eligibility criteria, deadlines, etc of latest scholarships of all categories and fields at this page.

There are different types of scholarships which include

Merit-Based Scholarships, Student Specific Scholarships, Need Based Scholarships, Job Specific Scholarships, Brand scholarship, College Specific Scholarship & Athletic Scholarships.

Qualifications Level

  • Bachelor
  • Master
  • Matric
  • Intermediate
  • PhD
  • Others

Need-Based Scholarships

Scholarships are mostly merit based while the grants tend to be need-based. Some private sorts of need-based prizes are confusingly called scholarships and actually need the results of a FAFSA.

Merit-Based Scholarships

These types of merit-based scholarships are normally provided by the private firms or directly by the institute that the student is attending. These academic awards are based on academic, artistic, athletic as well as other aptitudes of the students. The merit-based scholarships are usually paid directly by the educational institute the student attends instead of issued directly to the aspirant.

Student Specific Scholarships

Student’s specific scholarships are mainly the scholarships for which the candidates must first qualify based on race, gender, religion, family as well as medical history or a lot of other student-specific factors.

College Specific Scholarships

The college-specific scholarships are actually the scholarships offered by individual colleges and universities to highly eligible candidates.

Profession Specific Scholarships

The profession-specific scholarships are scholarships a college or university grants to the aspirants who plan to chase a specific field of study.

Athletic scholarships

These scholarships are granted to the aspirants along with the excellent skill in a sport. However, in few states, the government-sponsored sports scholarships are available permitting the scholarship holders to train for international exemplification. Habitually this is so that the aspirant will be available to attend the school or college & play the sport on their team.

Brand Scholarships

These scholarships are funded by a brand that is trying to gain attention to their brand or a cause. The procedure of searching scholarships can be annoying for the aspirants and also for the counselors. Sometimes these scholarships are known as the branded scholarships. Along with lots of various sources of scholarship information, it could be enough difficult for the aspirants especially the prospective first-generation students of the college. If you are looking for any scholarship suitable for you then you are at the right place. The massive information available on the internet can be helpful however also overwhelming leaving the aspirants lost as to how & where to start their search for the desirous scholarships. Our scholarship section for the students is undoubtedly a good section for the aspirants looking for the scholarships for them.

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